What Happens if I Send 100 Requests in a Day?

We only accommodate design requests one at a time with a 24-hour pacing / window each. Your requests will be queued and will be delivered on a “First In, First Out” basis.

There’s no hard rule for how many design tasks we can finish in one business day. For customers with small requests such as Instagram posts – this could be 5 things.

For customers with complex requests – this could be one thing. For the most complicated design requests, it could even take a couple of business days to deliver the designs you requested for.

In case it’s a very complicated request, we’ll let you know right away and give you feedback on how long it will take because we have to break the design tasks in smaller parts and will have it done one at a time.

Do I have to commit to any contracts when I sign up?

There’s no contract for our service, so you can cancel anytime. There are no setup fees or cancellation fees as well.

Our monthly service is billed using a recurring monthly subscription.

Past the initial 14-day guarantee window, there are no discounts and/or refunds for unused time on any arrangement for any reason.


How Do I Cancel or Put My Subscription on Hold?

You can cancel your subscription anytime. No hard feelings. 🙂

We’d appreciate an email to admin@rekagrafik to figure out what we can do better for you. A lot of issues are usually resolved right away once we know what they are!

If you really must go, simply send an email to admin@rekagrafik.com with the subject “Request Cancellation” to get the process started.

You’ll be contacted by one of our support staff and be asked to hold your account before the cancellation takes place.

If you subscribed via Paypal, you may cancel it through your account. You can find out how through this link: https://www.paypal.com/selfhelp/article/FAQ2058


How Many Brands Can Use One Account?

As many as you like! Although you have to keep in mind that for every subscription, we can only process your requests one at a time.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A Request or Revision?

Most jobs are completed Monday to Friday (UTC+08:00). We have a 24-hour guarantee (we usually do things really fast) to deliver your request, however, this can be a little longer on weekends or public holidays.

If your request is vague or lacks the necessary creative assets (such as logos), our designers will contact you for further clarifications and the guarantee restarts when all has been settled and clarified. The better details you can relay, the faster we can get it done!

Request Timelines & Delivery Speed

Requests usually depend on how long you’ve been working with our designer, how many requests you currently have in the queue, and the complexity of your design request

Your dedicated designer works on your requests each business day based in the order they are received. First In, First Out.

On occasions, we can accommodate requests with tight deadlines if we’ve worked with you for more than a month already.

Rule of thumb: Use your common sense! 

Who can use Basemark?

Basemark is your dedicated creatives & design team.

We usually work with:

  • Tech Startups
  • Marketing teams
  • Bloggers
  • Consultants
  • Online marketers
  • Social media brands
  • FMCG Companies
  • Authors
  • PR firms
  • Lifestyle brands
  • and many more companies!

Think you’d be a good fit? Sign up now and start today!

How Do I Contact Support?

Once you sign up, we will contact you within 24 hours to help you get started. If you need help on your design request, a dedicated designer and account manager will be assigned to you which you can get in touch with via email.

If you are planning to sign up and you need further clarification, you can contact us at admin@rekagrafik.com